• CM-312 Back Extension

CM-312 Back Extension

Core Talent line is ergonomically redefined by our biomechanics experts and user experience. Improves comfort and a more streamlined look .The main frame adopts 3D curved tube design which is novel and unique.and its  main components use one-time molding high quality steel and Overall welding technology .Seat is made of polyurethane foaming process,Welt seam,Seat adjustment using gas spring which make it supper Convenient to adjust, try it out for yourself and experience the ride of  the Talent Line !

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Описание продукта


1. thickness of  the main frame tube is 3.0-5.0mm, thickness of Connecting parts is 6.0mm-12.0mm

2. Size of  the main frame :40*137*3.0mm  and 40*80*3.0mm Flat elliptical tube ,ø32*3.0m  Round tube

3. ø5.8mm Super strong  steel wire rope,surface cover with high quality nylon ,maximum  loaded is 4400LBS

4. Strong magnetic latch weight adjustment,Digital identification selection makes it easier for users reference

5. Safety devices for counterweights and wiring,Fully enclosed protective cover,“0”security risks

6. Brown PVC endurance board high-end grade, you can  see  clearly of each movement process

7. High density composite non-slip handle with aluminum cover which  can effectively prevent the anti-slip sleeve from falling off and hurting the user during exercising.

8. All single function machine have a rack for water bottle and phone

9. Easy understanding Sports training illustration,identify targeted muscle groups and  show how to use the machine


Width: 51.18" (130 cm)

Height: 59.84" (152 cm)

Length: 41.73" (106 cm)

Machine Weight: 449.74 lbs. (204 kg)

Gross Weight: 493.84 lbs. (224 kg)



Package 1:

Width: 26.77" (68 cm)

Height: 12.60" (32 cm)

Length: 47.64" (121 cm)

Package 2:

Width: 33.86" (86 cm)

Height: 10.24" (26 cm)

Length: 59.45" (151 cm)

Volume: 0.60 m³