• CM-252 Biceps Curl

CM-252 Biceps Curl

Core Max Smart Plate loaded  line,the user becomes an integral part of the exercise by continuously adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm. As a result, the Smart Plate loaded line embodies a unique training experience that achieves the unrestricted joint movement and core activating benefits of functional training coupled with the stabilizing benefits of machine-based equipment. Try it out for yourself and experience the ride of the Core Max Smart Plate loaded  line!

Поделение мнений:

Описание продукта


Exercise arms move independently for alternating curls

Self-aligning exercise arms automatically adjusts to the user

Contoured handles provide multiple grip positions

Rocking movement provides a greater range of exercise motion

Labeled pivot alignment points

Ratcheting seat adjustment


Product Width: 54.75" (140 cm)

Product Height: 47.00" (120 cm)

Product Length: 58.75" (150 cm)

Machine Weight: 362 lbs. (165 kg)

Gross Weight:385 lbs. (175kg)

Packaging Information

Width: 28.74" (73 cm)

Height: 30.71" (78 cm)

Length: 57.09" ( 146 cm)

Volume: 0.83 ( m³)