• CM-218 Glute Master

CM-218 Glute Master

Core Max Smart Pin loaded series , the user becomes an integral part of the exercise by continuously adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm. As a result, the Core Max Smart  line embodies a unique training experience that achieves the unrestricted joint movement and core activating benefits of functional training coupled with the stabilizing benefits of machine-based equipment. Try it out for yourself and experience the ride of the Smart line!

Поделение мнений:

Описание продукта


Knee pad adjusts with pivoting movement for accurate left and right exercise positioning

Added forearm support and angled-grip handles allow users to engage core muscles throughout the exercise

Rocking downward movement of the upper torso during the exercise offers an optimal range of exercise motion

Angled forearm and pivoting knee pads offer constant upper and lower body support to avoid unnatural loading of the spine

Foot plate adjusts to accomodate varied leg lengths


Product Width: 57.50" (146 cm)

Product Height: 54.75" (139 cm)

Product Length: 52.60" (134 cm)

Machine Weight: 579.82 lbs. (263 kg)

Gross Weight: 601.86 lbs. (273 kg)

Weight Stack: 220.46 lbs. (100 kg)

Packaging Information

CTN 1 :

Width: 21.65" (55 cm)

Height: 27.56" (70 cm)

Length: 55.91" (142 cm)

CTN 2 :

Width: 24.80" (40 cm)

Height: 31.89" (28 cm)

Length: 29.53" (143 cm)

Volume: 0.71 ( m³)